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EDEN and UBQueer are absolutely trans-friendly and is a safe space! for the LGBTQIA+ community.

INSIST on joining us for EDEN at UBQ Fitzroy and indulge in a sensual adventure of queer subculture and sensory bliss. More than a party, it's a rebellion of ideas, thrills and euphoria with like-minded hedonists

PICTURE a vibrant yet hazy sanctuary where connections spark, and the air pulsates with exhilarating beats and shared ecstasy. From 7.30pm our DJs blend sounds that resonate with Berlin's enigmatic energy and Melbourne's own seething underground flavour, crafting a world where dance and pleasure fuse seamlessly.

Your attire? A blank slate for your boldest self. EDEN is a haven of liberation, a place where norms are not just defied but transcended. Come as you are, and celebrate your authenticity without apology!

Safety & Wellbeing

If you have any questions or concerns before the night please feel free to hit us up via email (hello @ buffevents . com).  And during the party you can talk with one of the lovely people working in the cloaking area, behind the bar, or on the door

⛓️ We create a safe, inclusive space for everyone to express their authentic selves
⛓️ All genders, sexual orientations and subcultures are celebrated
⛓️ Consent is mandatory and must be given clearly and enthusiastically. Consent can be withdrawn at any time
⛓️ Watch out for one another and be kind
⛓️ Please read our Code of Conduct on our website before attending
⛓️ Acceptable identification is required by all patrons for entry regardless of their age. You must be at least 18 years of age to attend

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